Take a deep breath and see if you resonate with any of these questions.

  • Are you noticing emotional and/or physical patterns that seem to repeat themselves?
  • Finding that you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life?
  • Feel like you are living life so much smaller than you are called to?
  • Having difficulty finding and maintaining intimate relationships?
  • Achieved a certain amount of success but still feel unfulfilled and unclear about your true purpose?
Welcome! So glad you are here. I’m Prem Glidden and I have spent 30 years helping hundreds of men and women heal old wounds, release symptoms and evolve beyond painful histories that were keeping them trapped in unsatisfying, disappointing or inauthentic lives. I offer private coaching, healing sessions, group workshops and classes to prepare you for success and the amazing life you deserve.
In Love & Possibility,




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Transformative coaching helps close the gap between the life you are living and the future you are committed to creating. Release the barriers that have stopped you in the past, and step into your most amazing life.
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Are you ready to experience the love you have yearned for? Clear the patterns of the past and release the internal obstacles to deep and authentic love and partnership. Become powerfully magnetic to the love and life of your dreams! Read more


I have always been intuitive and able to “feel” and intuit energy blockages that you may be holding in your body that are manifesting as symptoms. Using a unique blend of modalities, I will support you in unwinding patterns that have been created over the course of a lifetime and are manifesting as symptoms in your life. Read more


Indulge the yearning to expand the possibilities of your life in beautiful and sacred settings around the globe. Our Retreats & Sacred Journeys combine the adventure of the Hero and Heroine's journey with the impulse to join in community to evolve and co-create. Read more


Feel the power of coming together with others and supporting each other in living your biggest and best life. Get the best of both worlds in receiving both personal one-on-one coaching and the opportunity to observe and learn from the coaching and sharing of others. Read more


As a fully ordained Minister of the Peace with the Beloved Community, I enjoy working with families, couples and individuals to commemorate, or officiate important life events such as blessings, births, weddings, same-sex civil unions, and other important occasions. Read more