Take a deep breath and see if you resonate with any of these reflections:

  • I am ready to stand in full responsibility as the architect of my life
  • I am eager to show up fully in my life, receptive to the good that is mine
  • I am open to becoming the man or woman that I would need to be to attract the life and love I so deeply deserve
  • I am excited by the knowing that I can be, do or have anything that my heart desires

Welcome! So glad you are here.

I’m Prem Glidden and I have spent over 30 years supporting men and women to evolve beyond the patterns of the past, release what no longer serves them and create the abundance, love, partnership and life that they so deeply desire and deserve! I look forward to supporting you in creating the life of your dreams!

In Love & Possibility,


Transformative Coaching

Transformative coaching helps close the gap between the life you are living and the future you are committed to creating. Release the barriers that have stopped you in the past, and step into your most amazing life.

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Calling in “The One” ™

In this program we work together through very specific steps that lay the foundation for love to flourish, as you begin organizing your life to become magnetic to the love and partnership you desire.

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Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

If you’re in the midst of a painful breakup or divorce or still suffering with unresolved grief over a past breakup, the groundbreaking Conscious Uncoupling™ coaching program will lead you from heartache to wholeness in 5 simple and highly transformative Steps.

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LifeLine Technique™

The LifeLine Technique is both an ancient and advanced complete system of transformation and wholeness. By activating the subconscious mind and guiding it rather than reacting to it, you actually become a powerful co-creator of living your greatest life.

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love unboxed book

Love Unboxed

An Anthology For Women by Women: Featuring 20 Courageous Women who share their real, raw, undiluted stories to heal and empower

This book is not just about wanting to share our painful stories. Our single desire is that any woman who comes across this book will find answers within the pages of Love Unboxed. It takes a lot of courage to share one’s deep personal moments with another person and a lot more to share them with the world.

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Opening to Possibility


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