What’s it like to work with Prem Glidden?

"With the deepest gratitude I want to thank you for all of your support throughout the last year, you have helped me build a foundation of inner strength that wasn't there before and shown me the tools to continue the work. For that I am forever grateful. There is always more work to do, but I want to specifically thank you for all the guidance and loving space that you held for me to explore these uncharted waters." -Megan C., Atlanta, GA

She guided me back to my true self

"I started to work with Prem back in 2017 during my divorce. Prem is attentive and intuitive. She guided me back to my true self and I was able to confidently move through mediation and divorce, speaking my truth, setting boundaries and most importantly creating a space where my children and I received what we asked for.

Fast forward to 2020, Prem has been an integral part of coaching me through post-divorce healing and dating. She continually brings me back to my center and helps me not only transform painful patterns from my past but completely create a new future for my family and my love life.

I’m getting married this weekend to a wonderful man who absolutely adores me and my daughters. He respects me and is truly my partner in life. Prem is my angel that God placed on my path during the most pivotal points in my life. At a time when I could have justifiably fallen to pieces, Prem has been there to help me take responsibility and create a beautiful new & unrecognizable life."

-Dr. Alicia M, Kansas City, MO

Gifted, wise & intuitive

"Prem is a gifted, wise, and intuitive coach who has helped me transition to a wonderful new marriage and a new life of purpose.

Prem helped me move through divorce, envision a soul mate relationship, and patiently coached me through two business endeavors.

Most importantly, she helped me come home to myself."

-Laura B, Center for Compassionate Living, Montauk, NY

With Your help I got the tools I needed

"Grateful for your amazing support during the sessions we had. It helped me see things from another perspective and guide me in my journey of self love and self respect. With your help I got the tools I needed."

-Karolina F, Sweden


"What an empowering experience. As a coach, Prem combines skill with compassion to foster great change. This is a process I recommend for anyone who is ready to bring more love into your life."

-Susan L, Albuquerque, NM

With your guidance I am healing

"I am so grateful for your loving support, this year has been quite a transformative journey. With your guidance I am healing and finding gratitude for all the love and support I have received. With a most grateful heart."

-Amy D, St Louis, MO

“Thank you for today. You are truly a gift to the world, to me, to my family!”

-James K, Canada

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