Transformative Coaching

Step into your most amazing life with Transformative Coaching.

Close the gap between the life you are living and the life you are yearning for.

As a Certified Transformative Coach, Prem will partner with you to begin to release the barriers that have stopped you in the past, and assist you in causing a breakthrough in creating a life filled with purpose, passion and possibility.

“Working with Prem was a wonderful experience. Getting to acknowledge and work with my younger self really allows the space to begin to be present and transform these emotions that can otherwise be so overwhelming. It has also allowed me to begin presencing my needs. This is a huge gift! I was able to have a conversation with my mother that I have wanted for 30 years and another one I’ve wanted for 8 years. I will continue using these tools and look forward to seeing my life becoming more and more transparent and feeling safe to live more and more out loud. Thank You!”
 —Mimi B., Austin, TX

What exactly is Transformative Coaching?

“Explore, uncover, empower and transform…”

First let’s begin by defining Life Coaching. Traditionally, Life Coaching has been used to help clients achieve short-term goals such as obtaining an advanced degree, mastering a new skill, or attaining professional accomplishment. These are all great things to do and it often helps to have a coach or mentor when we are embarking on a new challenge or goal.

In the Transformative Coaching model, we similarly begin by identifying some area of our lives that we would like to improve or change, but rather then merely mapping out a series of strategies or steps to accomplish our goal, we also work to explore, uncover, empower and transform who we were “being” that created the condition or situation we would like to rectify or change. This approach is based on the powerful premise that who we believe we are at the root level of identity is either helping or hindering us to do, be, have, experience or create what it is we want for our lives.

Who is a good candidate for Transformative Life Coaching?

Someone who has had success in their life but still feels that there is something much bigger that is calling them. You are ready to see yourself as the source of your experience, rather than focusing your attention on some outside source, circumstance or individual. This does not mean we ignore where others have behaved badly or out of integrity. It simply means we are willing to place the focus of our attention on what we can do to create the life we truly yearn for.

Do you work with both men and women?

Yes! The foundational tools for transformation work for both men and women.

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